Tony Peraica’s cash bar

Look, not everyone can be like Jesse White, who–Kristin Markway reports–has not just the tumblers but also an open bar for beer, wine and cola. We understand that not every pol can offer that. We’re very understanding.

But Damian Buttel tells me of a thirsty reporter who inquired at Tony Peraica’s bar about possibly getting a Miller Lite and was told to cough up $7.75. That’s U.S. dollars, folks!

Prices at Peraica’s party’s bar, which is being held at the Intercontinental Hotel on Michigan Ave.:
Coca-cola = $4.75
Miller Lite = $7.75
Imported beer = $8.50
Bottle of wine = $9 [NOTE: Like an airline mini-bottle, to be clear.]

UPDATE … Jesse White just declared the winner on CLTV over Republican Dan Rutherford for the Ill. Secretary of State race.

— posted by Robert Mentzer


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