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Roskam wins

November 7, 2006



I hope Tammy Duckworth wins

November 7, 2006

Roskam still ahead in the 6th, though still fewer than half of districts reporting, according to the Trib.  I am unabashedly rooting for Duckworth in this race.  If Roskam ends up on top, it will be because of his blatantly xenophobic mailers and TV commercials.  That sucks.  So I am still hoping that later-reporting districts will flip this one.

In the Cook County portion of Duckworth’s district, it’s worth noting, she’s ahead by 10 points with a little less than 40 percent of precincts reporting. Everyone’s watching this one very closely.

UPDATE … Just shown on WGN-TV, the race is at 51 percent Roskam, 49 percent Duckworth with 75 percent of districts reporting. A nail-biter…

— posted by Robert Mentzer