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With the boy prince

November 8, 2006

Another photo by Daniel B. Honigman from the Stroger rally, this one featuring Medill reporter Lee Whack in the background:

Stroger and Lee
Is it me or is Lee laughing at Todd?

PS … Here‘s the Sun-Times on the Peraica/Stroger ballot-counting problems…

— posted by Robert Mentzer


Stroger vs. Peraica: still counting

November 8, 2006

Okay, I am back. Just saw Todd Stroger’s deputy campaign manager on CBS-2 saying that 89 percent of “our precincts” are in and Stroger has a “healthy margin.” There’s something to that–they do have a healthy margin. But Peraica has made up ground even in the two hours that I’ve been at the bar. Surely it’s not a good sign for Stroger that most of the ballots that remain will go to Peraica.

I voted for Peraica, and I hope he wins. At this point, it still seems unlikely that he’ll make up the necessary ground. But there’s no question that the remaining districts are more his districts than Stroger’s. Let’s see what happens…

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–posted by Robert Mentzer

Colorful characters at the Stroger HQ

November 7, 2006

Photos by Daniel B. Honigman from Stroger’s victory rally:

DC Mad Hatter

Lil’ Scotty, 61, a blues singer and South Side preacher

Lil Scotty

D.C. Mad Hatter, a local store owner and clothing designer.

At least something good came of Stroger’s victory.

UPDATE … Some weird ballot-counting snafus in this race. It ain’t over.

— posted by Robert Mentzer

The Peraica/Collins connection

November 7, 2006

Phil CollinsTony Peraica

From Kristin Markway: Some lady at the Jesse White headquarters, watch Tony Peraica on television, observed, “Doesn’t he look like Phil Collins?” And you know, Kristin says, he kind of does

— posted by Robert Mentzer

County voting machines update

November 7, 2006

Correspondent Matt Lynch reports in with further details on the county’s vote-counting difficulties. 

“Chicago’s coming along fine, it’s got about 56 percent reporting,” Matt says. “But the county had a problem with the computers in early voting. I’ve now been told that they took the early votes out and put them at the end of the queue.”

What caused the problem is unclear, and it’s also unclear whether moving early voters to the end of the queue means they won’t just encounter the same problems later. But according to the Web site, the county has now counted about one-third of the votes.

NOTE … Peraica leads Stroger by 25 points in county voting, possibly supporting my theory. Worth noting though that Stroger looks to be way ahead in city voting.

— posted by Robert Mentzer

Tony Peraica’s cash bar

November 7, 2006

Look, not everyone can be like Jesse White, who–Kristin Markway reports–has not just the tumblers but also an open bar for beer, wine and cola. We understand that not every pol can offer that. We’re very understanding.

But Damian Buttel tells me of a thirsty reporter who inquired at Tony Peraica’s bar about possibly getting a Miller Lite and was told to cough up $7.75. That’s U.S. dollars, folks!

Prices at Peraica’s party’s bar, which is being held at the Intercontinental Hotel on Michigan Ave.:
Coca-cola = $4.75
Miller Lite = $7.75
Imported beer = $8.50
Bottle of wine = $9 [NOTE: Like an airline mini-bottle, to be clear.]

UPDATE … Jesse White just declared the winner on CLTV over Republican Dan Rutherford for the Ill. Secretary of State race.

— posted by Robert Mentzer